Uttarakhand Samuh Ga (Group-C) VDO Exam 2014 Reviews, Answer Key And Solution

Hello Readers Welcome To the site Of Indjobsportal.in,Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education (UBTER) was made by the Uttarakhand legislative assembly and assented by governor on 13 jan 2004. Uttarakhand Samuh Ga (Group-c) VDO exam was held on 7th December 2014 Sunday. exam paper consist of 100 Objective type questions in 2 hours that was asked from Uttarakhand General Knowledge, General Knowledge, General science & General Hindi. the question paper consist of four sets i.e. Set ‘A’, Set ‘B’, Set ‘C’ and Set ‘D’. Same questions were asked in every sets, but the questions were in different orders in every sets. the solutions and answer key is given below:

Answer Key Of Uttarakhand Samuh Ga Exam 2014-

1. Bond Form in crystal by anion and cation is: Ans – Ionic (A)

2. The solubility of gas in water depends on: Ans – All the above (D)

3. Crystalline Solid are: Ans – Sugar (D)

4. Which of the following is the heaviest Metal: Ans – U (D)

5. Which of the following is pest: Ans – Insect (C)

6. Which one of the following is not an element: Ans – Ozone (D)

7. The number of electrons in one molecule of CO2 are: Ans – 22 (A)

8. The energy of a photon is calculated by: Ans – E = hv (A)

9. Which forms a crystal of NaCl: Ans : Na+ and Cl- ions (B)

10. How many bones are there in human body: Ans : 206 (C)

11. LED stand for Ans – Light Emitting Diode (A)

12. CCTV stands for: Ans – Close Circuit Television (C)

13. The most commonly used material transistor is: Ans – Silicon (A)

14. Which Oxychloride has maximum pH Ans – NaClO (A)

15. Which one is the strongest electrolyte in the following: Ans – NaCl (A)

16. Climate change is caused by: Ans – All of the above (D)

17. The motion of the planets in the solar system is an example of the conservation of: Ans – Angular Momentum (C)

18. The ratio of rotational and translatory kinetic energy of a sphere is: Ans – 2/7 (B)

19. The atmosphere is held to the earth by: Ans – Gravity (B)

20. If the mass of a body is M on earth’s surface then the mass of the same body on the moon’s surface is: Ans – M (A)

21. Which is the most elastic: Ans – Iron (A)

22. A stretched rubber contains: Ans – Increased Potential Energy (B)

23. The surface tension of a liquid: Ans – Decrease with Temperature (D)

24. A liquid does not wet the side of a solid, if the angle of contact is: Ans – Obtuse (>90) (B)

25. Dielectric constant for metal is: Ans – Infinite (B)

Uttarakhand Samuh Ga (Group-C) VDO Exam Date 2014, Syllabus And Previous Year Questions

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26. Which is the most suitable for making permanent magnet: Ans – Steel (A)

27. Magnetic dipole moment is: Ans – Vector Quantity (B)

28. for which of the following the resistance decreases on increasing the temperature: Ans – Germanium (C)

29. The ECG is used to detect: Ans – All the above (D)

30. Leprosy is caused by: Ans – Mycobacterium (A)

31. Which disease in children is caused by intense use of nitrate fertiliser: Ans – Methemoglobinemia (B)

32. In plants meiosis occurs in: Ans – Anther (A)

33. The part which is grafting on stalk of another tree is called: Ans – Scion (D)

34. Which of the following is a non endospermic monocot seed: Ans – Castor (B)

35. Shock moment in “touch me not” plant is: Ans – Seimonasty (A)

36. Black pepper is : Ans – Herbs (A)

37. The gas absorbed during photosynthesis is: Ans – Carbon Dioxide (D)

38. The iodine test is used to detect: Ans – Carbohydrate (C)

39. Wound healing is enhanced by: Ans – E (D)

40. A four chambered heart is not found in: Ans – Snake (C)

41. If blood cells are eliminated from the blood, the liquid left is: Ans – Plasma (B)

42. Newton-second is unit of Ans – Momentum (C)

43. The nanometer is equal to Ans – 10 ^ -7 cm (C)

44. The dimension of coefficient of thermal conductivity is: Ans – (B)

45. A man goes 10m towards north, then 20m towards east then displacement is: Ans – 22.50 (A)

46. A car when passes through a converse bridge exerts a force on it which is equal to: Ans – A

47. Newton’s first law of motion describes the following: Ans – Inertia (C)

48. If linear velocity is constant then angular velocity is proportional to: Ans – 1/r (A)

49: The third battle of Panipat was fought in: Ans – 1761 (B)

50. Aditya Joshi becomes the number one (1) Junior player in which game: Ans – Badminton (b)

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51. The 2014 winter olympics were held in:Ans – Sochi (A)

52. Indian state with the largest area of forest is:Ans – Madhya Pradesh (C)

53. www stands for:Ans – World Wide Web (B)

54. The first Indian who got nobel prize for Physics:Ans – C. V. Raman (A)

55.Badrinath Is situated at the bank of which river:Ans – Alaknanda (C)

56. ‘Lokmanya’ is also name of which man:Ans – Bal Gangadhar Tilak (A)

57. The first Indian women prime minister of India:Ans – Indra Gandhi (A)

58. ‘Aga Khan Cup’ is associated with which game:Ans – Hockey (C)

59. Which of the following is/are valid domain name extension?Ans – All the above (D)

60. E-mail stands for:Ans – Electronic mail (B)

61. Who constructed the Sanchi stupa?Ans – Ashoka (A)

62. Which of the following is the national voter’s day?Ans – 25th January (D)

63. Feathery Stigma is present in:Ans – Wheat (A)

64. Micropyle of seed facilitate in the entry of:Ans – Pollen Grains (B)

65. The first National Park establish in India is:Ans – Corbett National Park (A)

66. The real name of Gulzar, the winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2014 is:Ans – Sampurna Sungh Kalra (A)

67. Which of the follwoing is speaker of Uttarakhand VidhanSabha:Ans – Gobind Singh Kunjwal (D)

68. In February 2014 the Indo-Pakistan International Trade Fair was organized at:Ans – New Delhi (C)

69. ‘Blood Donation Day’ is celebrated:Ans – October 1st (A)

70. Bhatwari and Mori Tehseel is located in which district:Ans – Uttarkashi (B)

71. Who invented the jet engine:Ans – Sir Frank Whittle (B)

72. Gangotri and Yamnotri Temples are located in which district of Uttrakhand:Ans – Uttarkashi (D)

73. Garud and Kapkot Block Head Quarter is located in which district:Ans – Bageshwar (C)

74. Which of the following is the state bird of Uttarakhand:Ans– Monal (B)

75. The high court of Uttarakhand is situated in:Ans – Nainital (C)

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76. In Uttarakhand, which district is not situated in Garhwal zone:Ans – Bageshwar (A)

77. The second state language of Uttarakhand:Ans– Sanskrit (B)

78. ‘Mana Darra’ is situated:Ans – Uttarakhand (C)

79. In Pithoragarh District which is/are located:Ans – All of the above (D)

80. ‘Ravindra Nath Tagore’ is also known as:Ans – Gurdev (B)

81. The state game of Uttarakhand is:Ans – None of these (D)

82. How many Rajya Sabha Seats are there in Uttarakhand state?Ans – 3 (D)

83. How many seats are reserved for scheduled tribes in Uttarakhand State Assembly:Ans – 2 (B)

84. Which is the largest minority in Uttarakhand:Ans – Muslim (B)

85. Katarmal Temple is associated with deity:Ans – Sun Temple (B)

86. Who started ‘Shaheed Mela’ is Pauri:Ans – Harish Rawat (B)

87. Nandakni River Meets the Alaknanda at:Ans – Nandaprayag (C)

88. Who was the mother of lord Mahaveera:Ans – Trishala (B)

89. B (Hamara Desh Utsavo……… Khusiyan Manate Hai)

90. B (Ramanuj ……… Mukti Hai)

91 C (Main Acche…… Ja Sakti Hai)

92. ‘Kaha Raja Bhoj, Kaha Gangu Teli’ Lokokti Ka Arth Chiniye:Ans – Aakash – Paataal Ka Anter Hona (C)

93. Akl Ka Dushman MuhawareKa Arth Chuniye:Ans – Mahamurkh Hone (B)

94. ‘Sarashwat’ Paryaywachi Hai:Ans – All (D)

95. ‘Asha’ ka Paryaywachi Hai:Ans – Ichha (A)

96. ‘Aadar’ Shabd se Visesan Banega:Ans – Aadarniy (C)

97. ‘Tapovan’ m Kon si sandhi hai:Ans – Swar Sandhi (A)

98. Nimnalikhit Shabdo mai se dwand samas kis shabd m hai:Ans – Paap-Punya (A)

99. Dwar Shabd m prayukt dhawaniyan hai:Ans – (B)

100. ‘Anukool’ Ka vilom shabd hai:Ans – Pratikool (C)

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