SSC Scams – SSC CGL Protest Updates, Incidents Of Cheating & Important Notice From The Chairman!

SSC Scams, How and why SSC Scam 2018 started, Consequences of SSC Scam, Immediate demands of the protesters, what SSC Chairman Mr. Ashim Khurana has to say about this SSC Exam Cheating 2018.

SSC CGL 2018 Scam is topmost trending in social media now a days! Students Protest Against SSC Exam Scam and Cheating Incidents which have left Students feeling deceived. SSC is in news for various reasons, one most recent being related to Re-Exam of Quantitative Aptitude Exam for SSC CGL#SSCSCAM is the most trending under which all the outrage of many students is spoken. Read this Complete Article related to SSC Scam, How and why SSC Scam 2018 started, What are the consequences of SSC Scam, what are the immediate demands of the protesters and most importantly what SSC Chairman, Mr. Ashim Khurana has to say about this SSC Exam Cheating 2018.

The SSC CGL Examination was held between 17 and 2 February but on 21 February the Examination was delayed with the concerned authorities starting that the “Inconvenience” was due to Incomplete Downloading Data, Says Reports.  The Commission after consulting with all the regional offices decided to re-conduct the Quantitative Exam on 9th March 2018.

SSC Scam 2018

Consequences of SSC Notice-

SSC has been become the Tainted Exam where every session of Exam has a Cheating case adding to the woes of the Lakhs of Students who take the SSC Exam. Like the old Proverb, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Various News, Messages & Videos Started Floating on Social Media which Tells Us that Some of the Questions Got Leaked.This led to the speculation among the Students that Cheating took place in some Exam Centres. Which eventually led to the Cancellation of the Quantitative Aptitude Exam. The outrage was seen in various formats like Twitter Comments & Protests. Take a look at various tweets by angry Aspirants and Protests. Many Candidates are even tweeting to the Prime Minister of India to look into this matter. Candidates are also demanding CBI Inquiry over these repeated Mistakes from SSC’s Part.

SSC CGL Protest Updates-

  • SSC CGL 2016 was held in June 2016 and the complete Merit List was Announced on 5 August 2017 after the Rounds of several court cases. Several Candidates who have been Placed in various Government Departments still doing Wait for their Jobs despite being Part of the Merit List. These students have cleared all exams.
  • On Feb 22, Aspirants Who Take the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) CHSL Online Exam in Bhopal Created a ruckus at an exam centre at Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh alleging that the paper was leaked and later staged a protest when the exam was cancelled.
  • Students Found out that several Questions were already marked with Answers. Candidates Protested Giving a reason that this was an irregularity in the paper. The problem occurred with the first paper which was of mathematics. The authorities at the exam centre informed the students that this technical glitch had happened across the country.
  • Screenshots of several SSC Exam Papers appeared in the InternetIn the page of SSC Tube, it alleged that some Candidates might have taken the Test from remote locations. Since any digital objects like Mobile Phones, Cameras, Pens etc are not allowed in the examination hall it was conferred that the candidate named Sachin Chauhan could have taken the Test from a Remote Location. This is only a Possibility and it is not officially confirmed by the authorities. SSC Denied any foul play in the examination stating that the images appearing in social media have no bearing whatsoever on the rules. It termed the social media post as being manipulated.
  • A Facebook page called SSC Tube claimed to have received images of answer keys from students of SSC. SSCTube urged others to come forward if they saw questions and answers being circulated before the exams.
  • Bihar SSC chairman and Senior IAS Officer Sudhir Kumar were arrested by SIT in connection with the paper leak. The SIT or Special Investigation team had concrete evidence that he played a role in the paper leak. Four other people including two of the nephews, brother, and sister-in-law of Sudhir Kumar were also arrested. The Exams that were to start before February 5, 2018, found their papers leaked online

Immediate Demands of SSC Scam Protesters-

  • There’re many cases when SSC Announce that Due to Technical issues something Problem occurred. Sometimes even marked answers get unmarked and prefilled Answers in some centres.
  • It is most important to know the main Reason and those People who’re involving in SSC Scam. As per the current method, only small fishes are getting caught, but we want whales. and Students Demanding the Strict Action against those who cheat in exams.
  • Students Demanding the Normalisation in all SSC Exams if the Exam has to be Conducted in multiple Days or Shifts.
  • Sometimes Its happened that Aspirants don’t Join any Department and the Seat Remains Vacant. They Demand that SSC should also create a Reserve list and in case the Students fails to join the Department.
  • In each of the exams conducted by SSC there are many wrong answers and SSC Official Answer Keys. SSC Charges Rs. 100 to challenge the SSC Key. They want that if the challenge is correct then Rs. 100 should be refunded back to them.
  • They want the Descriptive Paper to be of qualifying nature as the evaluation involves human calculation so it can be biased.
  • Students Demands the Recruitment Process that is time bound.
  • No Paper Leaks

Important Notice From The Chairman-

It has been brought to the notice of the Commission that the present agitation going on since yesterday near the Office of the Commission by some candidates of CGLE (Tier-II) 2017, is being actively instigated and sponsored by two Coaching Institutes/ agencies with vested interests.The Commission had agreed to meet the representatives of the agitating group yesterday and during that meeting, they were directed to furnish substantive evidence in support of their allegations.They have been given time upto 6 PM today to represent their case. Thereafter, the Commission would take an appropriate considered decision in the matter.
Apart from the CGL fiasco, SSC has made some sudden changes in the process of SSC MTS too, which has left the aspirants baffled. And now these potholes in the process of conducting CGL Tier 2 after multiple reschedules of the exam, clearly indicate that SSC is not able to live up to the expectations of the Students.

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