SBI OR Associate Bank PO/Clerk Exams 2018, Reasoning Syllabus And Preparation Guide

Reasoning consist of two parts : Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning. In SBI PO Exam, 50 objective Type Multiple choice questions will be asked in the test of Reasoning. The subject-matter and coverage of verbal section can be broadly organised under major heads. however, this classification is not exclusive and it is generally observed that some of the questions can be classified under two or three heads reasonably.

Verbal Reasoning-

The questions on verbal section are meant to test the reasoning ability or logical deduction ability of the candidates rather than intelligent quotient. IQ itself is a complex characteristic. no extra quality is needed for solving questions. since questions are asked from diverse fields, it may be difficult to gain expertise over each annd every type of questions.

In reasoning questions, resorting to guess work of working backwords by eliminating the options may not always work.Try not to adopt these techniques since chances of sucess are may only end up misuing precious time.

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Fundamental Fact About verbal Reasoning-

The Best approach to perform better in Verbal Reasoning section is to scrupulously follow instructions, identify the root of the problem and to work with a cool and cautious mind. instead of rushing to answer choice one sholud ponder over the situation/ question for a few seconds, develop and inside into what is being asked and then try to work out the questions. there remains invariably one key aspect to every question which needs to be identified. the faster one can do it, the better it is.

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Syllabus Includes In This Section-

1) Alphabet:

Various types of questions are set on:

1. Formation of word using the specified letters of a keyword.

2. Questions on alphabet series and alphabetical quibble.

3. arrangment of word in alphabetical order.

2) Series:

The questions on mixed series can be divided into two major heads:

1. series of letters and numbers.

2. series of letters, numbers and symbols.

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3) Analogy:

The word ANALOGY is a noun which literally means

1. similar feature, condition, state etc. shared by two things that are compared.

2. process of reasoning based on similar feature of two things.

4) Classification:

In this type of questions, you are provided with a group of five itoms, one of which shows different property while the rest are related to one another in certain way.

5) Coading Decoding:

Coading pattern may be based on individual alphabet/words and digit/numbers.

6) Blood Relationship:

Questions on blood relationship are related to our day to day life.

7) Symbols And Notations:

In such type of question some relationship are shown with the help of certain symbols/notation or mathematical sign.

8) Distance And Direction:

In this type of questions, test consist of a sort of direction and distance puzzle.

9) Schedule/Day/Date/time.

10) Ranking/Arrangment.

11) Password.

12) Syllogism.

13) Format Of Conclusion.

14) Problem Solving.

15) Miscellaneous.

Non Verbal Reasoning-

Non verbal Section is a part of abstract Reasoning. here, verbal language is no more used. in this section of reasoning neither language nor any kind of detailed description is used. this section is ment to test your ability to argue, reasoning and thinking so that you can arrive at valid conclusion with the help of different kind of figure.

Usually, the questions on Non Verbal Reasoning involve the following three principles:

1. Principle Of Series.

2. Principle Of Anology.

3. Principle Of Classification.

The Above mentioned three principles are considered to be at the core of Non-verbal section. Different types of questions on non-verbal reasoning are more various manifestations of these three principles.

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Fundamental Fact About Non Verbal reasoning-

While solving the questions on Non-Verbal reasoning you must keep in mind the following points :

1. First of all detect the main design and other secondary componenets.

2. Have on acute vision on rotation, angular movement, repetition, reverse, linear movement, mirror image and water image of designs

3. observe addition, deletion etc. of design.

Syllabus Includes In This sections-

(1) Series:

On the basis of changes effected in the elements of each unit figure, we can categories the questons on series as follows:

1. Rotation and movement of design.

2. Addition of design.

3. Addition and deletion of design.

4. Replacement and movement of design.

5. Addition and movement or rotation of design plus replacement.

6. small and large design.

7. Miscellaneous type of design.

(2) Anology.

(3) Classification.

(4) Finding the missing Figure.


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