SBI And SBI Associates Clerk Exam 2018 General Awareness, Marketing, And Computer Knowledge Questions

SBI And SBI Associates Clerk Exam 2018 State Bank Of India Associates Clerk Exam 2018 General Awareness, Marketing, And Computer Knowledge Questions 

Dear Readers, Welcome to the site of, which give you the tremendously required and critical data in regards to banking exams, The SBI And SBI Associates Clerk Exam 2018 are underway and each competitor is extremely enthusiastic and restless about their exam. The vast majority of you individuals may have finished their exams; going to the remaining hopefuls like me, we need to affix the cinches and lock in to verify that we don’t leave any stone unturned in our arrangements.

It is known that Psychometry, included as a qualifying subject to the scheme of examination, was omitted in subsequent exams. Now, 200 Objective type questions are asked from the following six subjects organised into five tests:

(I) General Awareness
(II) Quantitative Aptitude
(III) General English
(Iv) Reasoning
(V) Marketing Aptitude
(VI) Computer Knowledge

Marketing Aptitude and Computer Knowledge constitute Test-V and 20 questions are asked from each of these two subjects. In all other subjects, 40 questions are asked. In General Awareness Test papers most of the questions related to current events, State Bank of India and other facts pertaining of banking knowledge.Here, we are furnishing you with a rundown of inquiries, which are relied upon to be asked in the nearing exams. wish you All the best hopefuls.

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General Awareness, Marketing, And Computer Knowledge Questions-

1. The Biggest Public Sector Undertaking in the Country is:

(a). Iron & Steel Plants
(b). Roadways
(c). Railways (✓)
(d). Airways

2. Which of the following is Horticulture Corp?

(a). Paddy
(b). Wheat
(c). Mango (✓)
(d). Bajra

3. Which of the following nation is considered the originator of the concept of micro Finance?

(a). India
(b). Bangladesh (✓)
(c). South Africa
(d). USA

4. Very often we read in news papers about 3G or 3rd Generation technology. This is a set of standards used for which of the following purposes?

(a). To combat climatic changes
(b). Production of Nuclear Energy
(c). Film Production
(d). Mobile telecommunications (✓)

5. The difference between visible exports and visible imports is defined as:

(a). Balance of trade (✓)
(b). Balance of payment
(c). balanced terms of trade
(d). Gains from trade

6. Invisible Exports means export:

(a). Services (✓)
(b). Prohibited goods
(c). Unrecorded goods
(d). Gains from trade

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7. The ability of a commercial bank to increase its loans and investment depends on its:

(a). Holding of Government securities
(b). Profitability
(c). Excess cash/liquidity position (✓)
(d). Outstanding loans and investments

8. The rate of interest on savings Bank Account is stipulated by:

(a). The concerned bank
(b). RBI (✓)
(c). Indian Banks Association
(d). Government of India

9. Which of the following metals is used for generation of nuclear Energy by most of the Nuclear Power Plants?

(a). Zinc
(b). Platinum
(c). Uranium (✓)
(d). Nickel

10. In which of the following activities percentage share of cooperative sector is the highest?

(a). Agricultural Credit disbursement
(b). Sugar Production (✓)
(c). Wheat Procurement
(d). Handlooms

11. The sequence of a sales process is:

(a). a call, a lead, presentation and sale (✓)
(b). a lead, a call, presentation and sale
(c). presentation, lead, sale, and call
(d). sale, call, lead and presentation

12. Marketing is not required for which one of the following products?

(a). Corporate Loans
(b). Export Business
(c). Import Business
(d). None of these (✓)

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13. Networking helps in marketing Marketing Function:

(a). A difficult task
(b). a laborious task
(c). an easy task (✓)
(d). None of these

14. ____________ is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else:

(a). Email marketing
(b). Cyber squatting (✓)
(c). Web scraping
(d). Web spidering

15. Conversion means________________________

(a). Meeting a prospective client
(b). interacting with a prospective client
(c). converting a seller to a buyer
(d). converting a prospective client into a buyer (✓)

16. Which type of memory holds only the program and data that the CPU is presently processing?

(a). CMOS
(b). ROM
(c). RAM (✓)
(d). ASCII

17. The internet is a system of:

(a). Software bundles
(b). Web page
(c). Web Site
(d). Interconnected Notworks (✓)

18. A screen list of options in a program that tells you what is in that program:

(a). Screen
(b). Icon
(c). Menu (✓)
(d). Backup

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19. Date and time are available on the desktop at__________________

(a). Keyboard
(b). Recycle Bin
(c). My Computer
(d). Task Bar (✓)

20. Periodically adding, changing, and deleting, file records is called file:

(a). Updating (✓)
(b). Upgrading
(c). Restructuring
(d). Renewing