SBI And SBI Associate PO/Clerk Exams, Previous Year Marketing Aptitude Questions

Dear Readers, Welcome to the site of, which give you the tremendously required and critical data in regards to banking exams, The SBI Associates Banks PO exams are underway and each competitor is extremely enthusiastic and restless about their exams. The vast majority of you individuals may have finished their exams; going to the remaining hopefuls like me, we need to affix the cinchs and lock in to verify that we don’t leave any stone unturned in our arrangements. Here are some marketing questions which are asked in previous year exams, which are provided below:

SBI Bank PO/Clerk General Awareness, Marketing Aptitude And Computer Knowledge Questions

SBI Bank PO/Clerk Computer Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Questions

1. Standard marketing practices includes – lowering the selling price

2. Motivation in marketing means – inspiring sales persons to sell more

3. The target group for home loan is – individuals not owning any house

4. Good customer service is an extended arm of – service marketing

5. A call in marketing terms means – to visit a prospect

6. A fall in the market share implies – competition has increased

7. Current account are basically meant for – day to day needs of one’s business

8. “USP” in marketing language means – Unique selling proposition

9. Communication skills in the case of DSA means – Ability to conconvince the customer with the right choice of words

10. Effective selling skills depends on – sales call planning

11. Innovation in marketing means – new business models

12. The type of marketing involved in banks is – service marketing

13. The target group for an ATM cum- Debit card is – all existing and prospective customers

14. Internal marketing means – marketing to the staff members

15. Service marketing is same as – relationship marketing

16. market expension means – Growth in sales through existing and new products

17. The target group for marketing of education loan is – students with good acadamic records

18. The target group for personal loan is – all salaried persons

19. ‘Value added service’ implies – service with extra facilities

20. Mutual fund investments can be effectively canvassed among – only salaried persons

21. The ultimate aim of marketing is to provide – more business to the company

22. The meaning of ‘conversion’ in terms of sales is – converting perspective customers into purchase

23. A good brand can be build up by way of – consistent offering of good services

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24. The performance of sales persons depends on – ability and willingness of the sales persons

25. Market segmentation can be restored to by dividing the target group as per – income levels of customers

26. What is a logo?

graphic or emblem used by a company to trigger instant recall

27. How production of new product helps enterprises?

Capturing the market

28. The most common and ultimate object of all business activities is – to earn maximum profit

29. Decision making is a process of – continuity

30. Market segmentation can be resorted to by dividing the target group as per – income level of customers

31. Post sales activities includes – customer feedback

32. What does EPS mean in the stock market?

Earning per sale

33. What is meaning of B2B in E-Commerce ?

Electronic commercial transactions action between two commertial institutions.

34. What is Blue Chip company ?

Large, stable and well established company.


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