Rundown Of Some Fact Related To India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) likewise called Mangalyaan, is a spacecraft orbiting Mars since 24 September 2014. It was dispatched on 5 November 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organization (Isro).the mission is an “Innovation Demonstrator” venture to create the advances for design, planning, management, and operations of an interplanetary conveys five instruments that will help progress learning about Mars to attain its optional, scientific, objective.

The aggregate expense of the undertaking was around 450 Crore Rupees just. This was the first occasion when they had sent a satellite to Mars, and it was fruitful in it first endeavor. This mission is for the time being, the longest excursion India has ever taken, which is just about 650 million Kilometers and following 298 days of flight, it arrived at its end. India turns into the first Asian Country to attain this uncommon accomplishment furthermore it is the first nation to end up fruitful in the first endeavor. ISRO turned into the FOURTH Space Agency to have effectively finished mission to Mars. On this Historic minute.

Essential target Of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)-

The essential target of the Mars Orbiter Mission is to showcase India’s rocket launch frameworks, spacecraft building and operations capabilities.specifically, the essential destination is to create the advances needed for design, planning, management and operations of an interplanetary mission, containing the accompanying significant errands:

* Design and realisation of a Mars orbiter with an ability to perform Earth-bound maneuvres, voyage period of 300 days, Mars orbit capture, and on-orbit stage around Mars.

* Profound space correspondence, route, mission arranging and administration.

* Fuse self-sufficient peculiarities to handle possibility circumstances.

*The optional target is to investigate Mars’ surface peculiarities, morphology, mineralogy and Martian environment utilizing indigenous scientific instruments.

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Why India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) is simply stunning-

* The assembling of Mangalyaan took 15 months while NASA took five years to finish MAVEN.

* India’s Mars Orbiter Mission is the first space apparatus to be launch outside the Earth’s range of prominence by ISRO in its whole history of 44 years.

* ISRO will be the fourth space organization on the planet after National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US, Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA) and European Space Agency to have effectively embraced a mission to Mars.

* The India’s Mars Orbiter Mission cost India $73 million (RS.450 crores) which is significantly less expensive than an eight path connect in Mumbai which cost $340 million.

* It is short of what the financial backing of film “Gravity” which was about $105 million and around one-tenth of what the US has used on MAVEN, making it without a doubt the most financially savvy between planetary space mission to have ever been embraced anyplace on the planet.

* India’s Mars Orbiter Mission will contains nature’s turf of Mars and search for different components like methane (swamp gas), which is a conceivable pointer of life. It will likewise search for Deuterium-Hydroden proportion and other impartial constants.

* Considering that Mars is around 670 million kilometers from the Earth, the expense of the ride works out to about Rs.6.7 for every kilometer – less expensive than what even autorickshaws charge anyplace in India.

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Important Points Related To India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)-

* India the first Asian nation to reach Mars orbit.

* The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), likewise called as Mangalyaan.

* The Mars Orbiter Mission was launched into Earth orbit on date fifth November 2013.

* The Mars Orbiter Mission was successfully inserted into orbit of Mars on 24 September 2014

* This project is controlled by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

* The Mars Orbiter Mission was Manufactured by Indian Space Research Organization Satellite Center (ISAC).

* The Mars Orbiter Mission was propelled from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

* This project is pointed as an “technology demonstrator”. It will showcase and demonstrate the ability for interplanetary missions.

* The launch was made utilizing PSLV-XL C25 rocket.

* The orbiter will have a life of 6 to 10 months in the orbit.

* While orbiting Mars the orbiter will study surface peculiarities, minerals and environments.

* The Mars Orbiter Mission was attained on a funding of $73 million, almost a tenth of the sum the US space org NASA used on sending the “Maven” shuttle to Mars.

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Breif History On India’s Mars Orbital Mission Or Mangalyaan

Instruments on the orbiter-

There are 5 main instruments:

(A). Lyman-Alpha Photometer (LAP)
(B). Methane Sensor For Mars (MSM)
(C). Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyser (MENCA)
(D). Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (TIS)
(E). Mars Colour Camera (MCC)