Olympic Games Summery, Fact and Highlights – General Knowledge In The Olympic Games

The origion of the ancient Olympic Games is lost in the midst of pre-history, but for many centuries they were only a festival of the Greek people. the Game were first held in honour of Greek god, zeus in 776 BC in the plain of the kingdom of Elis, nested in a lush velly between the Alpheus River and Mount Kronion, 15 km from the lonian sea. the olympiad celebrated that year was considered and games were held in Olympia before that time. the oldest sanctuary and Greece were there, the alter of the great mothor of gods, Rhea (Earth). On the day of forest, the priest stood in front of the altar, ready to perform a sacrifice. women were forbidden to be presennt and the male contestants were naked.


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Some Fact related to Olympic Games-

* Olympic Games Was started in 776 B.C., on Mount Olympus in the honour Greek God ‘Zeus’.

* Modern Olympic Games Started in Athens, The capital of Greece on 6th April, 1896 with great efferts made by Pierre de Coubertin of France.

The Olympic Games are Orignised after every four years.

In The Flag Of Olympics, there is symbol of Five Coloured circles joining each other.

 The Flag of Olympic Games Was Recognised in the year 1913 and was hoisted first time in the Antwerp Olympic Games in 1920.

 The Tradition to lit the Olympic Flame was started in Amseterdom Olympic Games in 1928.

 The Head office of International Olympic Committee is in Lusane (Switzerland).

 Participation Of Women in the Olympic Games started in the Second Olympic Games in 1900.

 First Indian Player who participated in the Olympic Games was an Anglo Indian ‘Norman Prichard’, Who took part in the second Olympic Games in 1900 and won Two Silver Medals in Athletics.

 Marrie Lila Ro is First India Woman participant in the Olympic Games.

 International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894 at “Chakhon”.

 Generally in the inaugural ceremoney of Olympic Games the Terms of Greece got first place and Host Team is placed in the last in March Past parade. the Teams of other places are placed in the alpthabetical order of English alphabets.

* The first Women referee in the Football was Canadian lady sonia Denancord. she won 18 medals including 9 gold medals.

 The Maximum Gold medal winner male player in an Olympic Michael Phelps of USA. He won 8 gold medals in swimming in the Beijing Olympics 2008.

 The 2012 Olympic programme featured 26 sports disciplines. For the first time, Women’s boxing is included in the programme. In Tennis, mixed doubles event returns to the olympic programme for the first time since 1924.

* In London Olympic 2012, The Indian Olympic Associacion (IOA) had sent a total of 83 athletes to compete in 13 sports, making it the largest contingent India has ever sent to the Olympic Games.

* The 21st Winter Olympic was held in Vancouver, Canada from february 12 to 28, 2010. total 2700 players of 82 Countries participated in this 17 days sports festival.

Highlights Of Some Olympic Games-

1. First olympic- 1896 (Athens-Greece)
India’s Position- Not Participated.

2. Second Olympic- 1900 (Paris-France)
India’s Position- 2 silver medals (won by Norman Prichard-Athletics)

3. Fourteenth Olympic- 1948 (London-Britain)
India’s Position- 1 Gold Medal (in Hockey)

3. Fifteenth Olympic- 1952 (Helsinki-Finland)
India’s Position- 1 gold (Hockey), 1 Bronze (Wrestling)

4.Sixteenth Olympic- 1956 (Melbourne-Australia)
India’s Position- 1 Gold Medal (Hockey)

5.Twentieth Olympic- 1972 (Munich-W.Germany)
India’s Position- 7th position in Hockey.

6.Twenty Fifth Olympic- 1992 (Barcelona-Spain)
India’s Position- Did not win any medal.

7. Twenty sixth Olympic- 1996 (Atlanta-U.S.A.)
India’s Position- leander Paes won Bronze Medal (Lawn Tennis)

8. Twenty Seventh Olympic- 2000 (Sydney-Australia)
India’s Position- karnam Malleshwari won a Bronze Meda in the Weight lifting (69 kg category)

9. Twenty Eighth Olympic- 2004 (Athens-Egypt)
India’s Position- Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore won a silver medal (Shooting)

10. Twenty Ninth Olympic- 2008 (Beijing-China)
India’s Position- 50th (1 Gold and 2 Bronze medals)

11.Thirtyth Olympic- 2012 (London)
India’s Position- 55th (2 Silver and 4 Bronze medals)

12. Thirty First Olympic- 2016 (Brazil)