Month Wise Current Affairs and General Knowledge Questions, May Month 2015

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General Knowledge Questions-

Question 1: US space agency NASA’s 11-year old probe mission for Mercury ended abruptly on 30 April 2015 after it crashed into the little planet. What was the name of this historic probe? –

Answer 1: Messenger

Question 2: Software giant Microsoft recently unveiled its new web browser, which would eventually replace the existing Internet Explorer. What is the name of this browser which will incorporate several new path-breaking features?

Answer 2: Edge

Question 3: A Mumbai sessions court on 6 May 2015 sentenced Bollywood film star Salman Khan to five years in prison, for killing a man in a hit-and-run accident. Later the Mumbai High Court gave 2-day bail to Khan after the superstar applied for it. When this accident had taken place?

Answer 3: 28 September 2002

Question 4: Which city had the highest vehicle density in India as disclosed by a series of latest data released recently?

Answer4: Chennai

Question 5: India and Iran on 6 May 2015 signed an agreement to develop a strategic port in southeast Iran. This was done despite U.S. pressure not to rush into any such trade agreements before world powers clinch a final nuclear accord with Iran. Which Iranian port is involved in this agreement?

Answer 5: Chabahar Port

Question 6: Which countries were placed at top and bottom places respectively in the 2015 Mothers’ Index of 179 countries that was released on 6 May 2015?

Answer 6: Norway (top) and Somalia (bottom)

Question 7: In one of the most tragic aviation disasters in Pakistan, Ambassadors of two countries were killed when a Pakistani Army helicopter crashed in a mountainous part of northern Pakistan on 8 May 2015. Which countries’ Ambassadors to Pakistan died in this bizarre accident?

Answer 7: Norway and the Philippines

Question 8: Which West African country, which was at the center of the largest Ebola epidemic so far, was declared free of Ebola by the World Health Organization on 9 May 2015?

Answer 8: Liberia

Question 9: Which private sector financial entity from India has emerged the only Indian company among a list of the world’s 10 biggest consumer financial services firms complied by Forbes magazine and released recently?

Answer 9: HDFC

Question 10: Who became the first black to be elected as the leader by South Africa’s main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), on 10 May 2015?

Answer 10: Mmusi Maimane

Question 11: An earthquake of 7.3 magnitude struck Nepal on 12 May 2015 with significant impact on India. At least 60 people were injured and over 1,500 injured in Nepal while 16 people died across the border in Bihar. What was the epicenter of this earthquake?

Answer 11: 18 km south-east of Kodari (Nepal)

Question 12: In a setback to the Narendra Modi govt., which global financial entity on 13 May 2015 downgraded India to “underweight” category, which was the first major downgrade for the India in the past one year?

Answer 12: HSBC

Question 13: Which three Indian cities will have Sister Cities in China as proposed in the 24 agreements signed between India and China on 15 May 2015 during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to China?

Answer 13: Chennai, Hyderabad and Aurangabad

Question 14: A new research done by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has found the world’s first fully warm-blooded fish. This fish circulates heated blood throughout its body much like mammals and birds. What is the name of this fish?

Answer 14: Opah (or Moonfish)

Question 15: What was the gross tax collection in 2014-15 as announced by the Union Finance Ministry on 17 May 2015?

Answer 15: Rs. 12,45,037 crore

Question 16: Which country won the 2015 Sudirman Cup (for Badminton) on 17 May 2015?

Answer 16: China

Question 17: A beautiful valley of Uttarakhand state was opened recently for tourists for the first time since the 1962 Indo-China war because of its proximity to the China border. Which valley is this?

Answer 17: Nelong Valley

Question 18: Private-sector Federal Bank on 18 May 2015 forayed into credit card segment with the launch of a co-branded credit card. It has tied up with which PSU bank for this co-branded credit card?

Answer 18: SBI

Question 19: A Cricket Committee of the International Cricket Council (ICC) has recently recommended staging of Test matches that extend into the evening hours and to be played in day-night format. Which former Indian Test player headed this ICC committee?

Answer 19: Anil Kumble

Question 20: What is the name of the Delhi-based steel company, charges against which were framed by the special court on 19 May 2015 in the coal blocks allocation scam case? –

Answer 20: Rathi Steel and Power Ltd (RSPL)

Question 21: Which major European country slipped into deflation recently as disclosed by the government on 19 May 2015?

Answer 21: Britain

Question 22: India’s largest commercial bank SBI on 21 May 2015 signed an MoU with which leading international digital payments company to facilitate cross-border transactions?

Answer 22: PayPal

Question 23: The State Bank of India (SBI) on 21 May 2015 entered into a seller financing scheme agreement with which Indian e-commerce major under which it will provide loans to small and medium enterprises at easier interest rates?

Answer 23: Snapdeal

Question 24: What is the name of the Swedish newspaper that came into limelight after it claimed India had recently asked it to delete the reference made by President Pranab Mukherjee to the Bofors scam in an interview to it, a claim protested by the Indian Govt. on 27 May 2015?

Answer 24: “Dagens Nyheter”

Question 25: What is the name of a futures contract instrument launched by the National Stock Exchange (NSE) on 29 May 2015 that offers 7.72% yield through govt. bond?

Answer 25: Interest Rate Futures (IRF)