GMAT Exam in USA Post Graduation Course And MBA Preparation

GMAT Exam in USA Graduate Management Admission Test Post Graduation Course And MBA Preparation Top 5 USA University with Average GMAT Score

GMAT or The Graduate Management Admission Test is necessary for admission in MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) in USA, UK and most worldwide countries. The GRE test are also the alternate for MBA admission, You should check the admissions requirements of the individual degree programme to which you are interested in applying.

GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test mainly contains basic Verbal Reasoning, Mathematical/Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical writing skills. for which Questions in the exam are chosen from a very large group of test questions categorized by content and difficulty.

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Format Of GMAT Exam-

GMAT exam are Computer-based (Online), where basic Verbal Reasoning, Mathematical/Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical writing skills questions will be asked. the complete format for GMAT Exam is:

1. Analytical Writing (30 Minutes)

2. Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes)

3. Quantitative Reasoning (75 minutes)

4. Verbal Section (75 minutes)

GMAT Exam (200 question/800 Marks)-

1. Analytical Writing-

Analysis of an Argument: 1 topic, 30 Minutes, 0-6 Score should be required

2. Integrated Reasoning-

Multi-Source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis and Table Analysis: 12 Question, 30 Minutes, 0-8 Score should be required

3. Quantitative Reasoning-

Multiple choice questions in Problem Solving (24 Questions), Data Sufficiency (13 Questions): 37 Question, 75 Minutes, 0-60 Score should be required

4. Verbal Section-

Reading Comprehension (13 Questions), Critical Reasoning (14 Questions), Sentence Correction (15 Questions): 41 Question, 75 Minutes, 0 to 60 Score should be required.

What is a good Score for GMAT?

1. The average score for GMAT test takers over the last few years is somewhere in the high 500�s

2. A �good� score would be over 600

3. A �very good� score is one which crosses the 700 mark

GMAT Practice Test to Score Rank

Top 5 USA University with Average GMAT Score-

1 Stanford Graduate School of Business (GMAT: 729)

2 Harvard Business School (GMAT: 724)

3 Yale School of Management (GMAT: 723)

4 University of Chicago – Booth School of Business (GMAT: 723)

5 New York University – Leonard N Stern School of Business (GMAT: 721)

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