GK Questions Asked in Previous Exams On History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy & Other

Gk General Knowledge Questions, Gk Questions Asked in Previous Exams On History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy, Science And Technology & Other

Hello readers welcome to the site of Indjobsportal.in, which brings General Knowledge amd Current affair Materials. Here we provides Previous Exams General Knowledge and Current Affairs Questions Related to History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy, Science And Technology & Other. For some Competitive exams, Governments Recruitments, SSC, IBPS and Other, Current Affairs And General Knowledge is the Determined Part of exams, So You have to stay updated in latest general awareness and GK knowledge.

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General Studies Questions Asked In Uttarakhand PCS Exam 2014 (Pre Exam-2012)


The Earliest known epigraphic of Bhagvatism is: Garuda Column of Besnagar [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

Buddhist text ‘Milinda’ throws lights on which indo-geek ruler: Menander [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

In which vedic text, the term ‘Varna’ is founded referred for the first time?: Rigveda [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

Which Mughal emperor was conforred with the little of ‘Insan-e-Kaamil’?: Humanyun [Railways Group-D 2014]

‘Puralekhashastra’ is the study of: Rock Inscriptions [Railways Group-D 2014]

Name the envoy of King James I of England, who come to India at the times of Jahangir?: William Hawkins [Railways Group-D 2014]

‘Panchasiddhantam’ of Varahmihir is related to: Astronomy [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

At which place, the Godi-bada Lothal of Indus Valley Civilization is situated?: Pakistan [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

Which dynasty established an independent rule in Bizapur?: Adil Shahi Dynasty [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

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Which are called ‘Duns’ in Uttarakhand?: Structural Valleys [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

Grenada is located in: Caribbean Sea [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

In which of the following rivers confluence is Govindghat located?: Alaknanda and Laxman Ganga [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

Which is the most extensive part of the oceanic floor?: Deep Sea Plains [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

Basaltic Lava rock over Indian Deccan Olateau are formed in: Cretaceous Period [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

‘Tawa’ is the tributary of which river?: Narmada [MP Police SI 2014]

Which Indian state has the lowest forest cover area?: Goa [Railways Groups-D 2014]

Kandla Port is located at: Gulf of Kutch [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

Which forests grow in waterlogged areas?: Mangrove [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

The highest peak of the Eastern Ghats of India is: Shevroy Hills [SSC Stenographer 2014]

Sahara Desert is in the continet of: Africa [SSC Stenographer 2014]

Which area of India is Ideal for cyclonic energy development?: Gulf of Kutch [Allahbad High Court ARO 2014]

Which soil is found in Indo-Gangetic planes?: Alluival [GIC AO 2013]

Which is the largest river of Indian Sub-Continent?: Indus [GIC AO 2013]

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Indian Polity-

Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to whom?: Lok Sabha [UP PSC(Pre) 2014]

The Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under the direct supervision of: Lok Sabha Speaker [UP PSC(Pre) 2014]

By whom the jurisdiction of the suprime Court of India can be enlarged?: Parliament by making a Law [UP PSC(Pre) 2014]

Which constitutional amendment provided constitutional status to urban local government: 74th Constitutional Amendment [UK PSC(Pre) 2014]

Who presides over the joint sitting of the two houses of the parliament: Speaker of Lok Sabha [UP PSC(Pre) 2014]

Which constitutional amendment provided constitutional status to rural local Government?: 73rd Constitutional Amendment [UP PSC(Pre) 2014]

‘Right to Equality’ in educational institutions is described in which Article of the Constitution?: Article-29 [MP Pre BEd 2014]

Which Article of the Constitution restricts courts not to inquire into proceedings of Parliament: Article-122 [Delhi Postal Assistant 2014]

Which Indian State first established the institution of Lokayukta?: Maharashtrea [RRB Ranchi Group-D 2013]

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Which world affilate provides assistant for poverty alleviation to the world’s poorest countries?: International Development Association  [Uk PSC(Pre) 2014]

Who is the author of the book ‘The Accumulation of Capital’?: Mrs. Joan Robinson [Uk PSC(Pre) 2014]

Name the ecconomist who introduced fiscal policy as tool to rectify the great depression of 1929-30?: John Maynard keynes [Uk PSC(Pre) 2014]

The ‘Phillips Curve’ represents relationship between: Inflation and Unemployment [Uk PSC(Pre) 2014]

The Indian rupee was made convertible into which account since since March, 1994?: Current Account [Uk PSC(Pre) 2014]

Which economist propogated the pure monetary theory of trade cycle: Prof. RG Hawtrey [Uk PSC(Pre) 2014]

Who is the chairman of the National development council: Prime Minister [Uk PSC(Pre) 2014]

Under which agreement international monetary Found (IMF) was established: Bretton Woods Agreement [Uk PSC(Pre) 2014]

Which organisation of government of India holds the right to issue currency: Reserve Bank of India [Allahabad High Court ARO 2014]

When regulated the credit rating agency in India?: Securities & Exchange Board Of India [UP Postal Assistant 2014]

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Science & Technology-

Where is the space launch facility ‘Baikonur Space Center’ situated?: Kazakhastan [RRB Sikandarabad Group-D 2014]

Chromium Oxide in paints makes the color of paint: Green [CDS-II 2014]

‘Great Himalayan National Park’ which is included in the world Heritage site list of UNESCO is situated in the State of: Himanchal Predash [CDS-II 2014]

Master Chief party officer is a rank in the: Indian Navy [CDS-II 2014]

The main constituent of Gobar Gas is: Methane [CDS-II 2014]

To an astronaut in space, the sky will appear to be: Black [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

The Zoologists from Italy has decoded the language of which animal successfully?: African Penguin [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

Which Island nation situated in Pacific Ocean sued India and eight other nuclear capable nations in ‘International Court of Justice: Marshall Islands 

Which maximum isotope is used in nuclear power plants to produce electricity?: U-235 [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

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Who is the Grand Old Man in India?: Dadabhai Naoroji [SBI Associates PO 2014]

Who established ‘Satya Shodhak Samaj?: Jyotiba Phule [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) is situated at: Dehradun (Uttarakhand) [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

Where is the Headquarters of North-Central Railway Zone situated?: Allahabad [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

‘International Non-violance Day’ is celabrated on which date?: January 30 [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

When was the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) established by the government of india?: April, 2000 [UK PSC (Pre) 2014]

Nobal Peace Prize is presneted in which city?: Oslo (Norway) [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

Where is the Headquarters of International Olympic Committee (IOC) situated?: Swizeerland [SSC CGL (Pre) 2014]

Which is the longest River dam in India?: Hirakud Dam [Allahabad High Court ARO 2014]

Name the first non-white citizen of the USA who won the Nobal prize in Literature?: Tony Morrison [North-Est Postal Assistant 2014]

Who was the author of the book ‘Passage to India?: EM Forster [North-Est Postal Assistant 2014]

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