General Awareness MCQ Questions On History, Geography & Polity

Are You preparing for Govt Exams? Are you searching for General Awareness MCQ Questions? then you are at right place. General Awareness section is the most important section of every govt Exams. General Awareness comprises of many topics like History, Geography, Polity, finance and economy, social, cultural aspects at national and international level. The fact that makes it a challenge to prepare is its unlimited range of questions. When you start your General Awareness preparation for any competitive exam, first you need to know the list of the important topics you need to cover in your preparation, so that you do not miss out any important topic. because Every single mark is valuable in competitive exams, so don’t neglect the any topic.

So for this purpose here our object is to help all those candidates who are job seekers and preparing for govt Exams. Here we have collected General Awareness MCQ Questions On History, Geography & Polity . just you have to be read all questions one by one. If you like this page then d’not forget to share with your friends your colleagues or your loving ones.

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General Awareness MCQ Questions-

The theory of economic drain of india during British imperialism was propounded by:

Ans: Dadabhai Baoroji

The title ‘Punjab Kesari’ was conferred on:

Ans: Lala Lajpat Rai

Who Among the following is known as ‘Heroine of 1942 Quit India Movement’ ?

Ans: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Who was the greatest Bhakti poet of Maharashtra?

Ans: Namdeva

Indian Constitution was amended for the first time in-

Ans: 1951

As a prince where was Ashoka sent to supress the revolt?

Ans: Kalinga

The Statue of Gomateshwara at Sravanabelagola was build by-

Ans: Chamundaraya

The world ‘Hindu’ as reference to the people of Hindu (India) was first used by:

Ans: the Arabs

“This is a cultivable land which is left uncultivated for more than a year but less than 5 years”. The statemant represents:

Ans: Fallow other than current fallow.

The Intersection of Tropic of Cancer & Standard Meridian of India lies in:

Ans: Chhattisgarh

Which of the following states was not eligible for grants in lieu of export duty on Jute and Jute products:

(a). Assam

(b). Bihar

(c). West Bengal

(d). Andhra Pradesh

Ans: (d)

Consider the following:

  1. Article 99
  2. Article 75
  3. Third Schedule

Which of the above provides for the oath to be taken by a minister:

(a). Only 1 & 2

(b). Only 2 & 3

(c). Only 1 & 3

(d). Only 3

Ans: (b)

Which of the following articles provides for the secretariat of Lok Sabha:

(a). Article 97

(b). Article 98

(c). Article 99

(d). Article 100

Ans: (b)

Which of the following articles provides for the Gram Sabha:

(a). Article 243

(b). Article 243 A

(c). Article 243 B

(d). Article 243 C

Ans: (b)

For Which of the following the Parliament shall not have the power to make laws:

1. Article 16 (3)

2. Article 32 (3)

3. Article 33

4. Article 34

5. Prescribing punishments for acts declared to be an offence under Part III.

Choose the correct code:

(a). All

(b). Only 3 & 4

(c). Only 3, 4 & 5

(d). Only 1, 2 & 5

Ans: (a).

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