General Awareness, Marketing And Computer awareness Questions For IBPS/SBI PO Exams

Dear Readers, Welcome to the site of, which give you the tremendously required and critical data in regards to banking exams, The IBPS PO exams are underway and each competitor is extremely enthusiastic and restless about their exams. The vast majority of you individuals may have finished their exams; going to the remaining hopefuls like me, we need to affix the cinchs and lock in to verify that we don’t leave any stone unturned in our arrangements.

The IBPS PO exams selection procedure will be divided into 3 parts, consisting of 2 written papers and a third Interview round. The Preliminary examination is only qualifying in nature and will not be counted towards the final total. Only those who qualify through Phase II will be eligible to attend Phase III processes. The scores of the remaining two rounds will be normalised to 100 as follows:

Normalized to
Main Exam
(Phase II)
200 80
(Phase III)
100 20
TOTAL 300 100

IBPS PO Exam Pattern 2017 – Prelims (Phase I)-

Section No. of Qs Marks Duration
30 30 1 hour
35 35
35 35
TOTAL 100 100  

NOTE: There will be negative marking of one-fourth of the marks assigned to that question. There will be no negative marking for unattempted questions.

IBPS PO Exam Pattern 2017 – Mains (Phase II)-

This year IBPS has increased the difficulty level of Mains 2017 Exam. It has made the exam pattern similar to the SBI PO Mains 2017 Exam. So get to know the exam pattern clearly & start preparing now. The IBPS PO Mains 2017 will be consist of 2 parts – Objective Test (200 marks) and Descriptive Test (50 marks). Both the parts will take place online.

  • IBPS PO Mains – Objective Test

Section No. of
Marks Duration
& Computer
45 60 60 min
35 40 40 min
Data Analysis &
35 60 45 min
(with special
reference to
40 40 35 min
TOTAL 155 200 3 Hour

NOTE: There will be negative marking of one-fourth of the marks assigned to that question. There will be no negative marking for unattempted questions.

  • IBPS PO Mains  – Descriptive Test

The descriptive paper will be of 30 minutes duration with 50 marks assigned to the test of English Language. You will be tested on Letter Writing & Essay. You will be needed to secure passing marks to qualify the Descriptive Test, to be decided by the Bank.

NOTE: The Descriptive Test paper of only those candidates will be evaluated who have scored qualifying marks in the Objective Tests and are placed adequately high as per total marks in Objective Test.

IBPS PO Exam Pattern 2017 – Interview (Phase III)

The total marks allotted for Interview are 100. The minimum qualifying marks in interview will not be less than 40% (35% for SC/ST/OBC/PWD candidates). The weightage (ratio) of CWE (Main exam) and interview will be 80:20 respectively. The combined final score of candidates shall be arrived at on the basis of scores obtained by the candidates in the Main Examination and Interview.

A candidate should qualify both in the CWE (Main) and interview and be sufficiently high in the merit to be shortlisted for subsequent provisional allotment process, details of which will be made available subsequently on IBPS website.

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General Awareness, Marketing And Computer awareness-

1. Which Company launched the first mobile phone operation in India. – Modi Telstra

2. Which Allows users to upload files to an online site so they can be viewed and edited from another location. – Web Hosting technology

3. In Java, which is an independent sequentian flow of controll within a process. – Thread.

4. Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for Nobel peace prize for the first time in 1937 and second time in 1948, how many times in between these years was he nominated. – 3

5. A USB communication device that supports data encryption for secure wireless communication for notebook users is called. –
USB Wireless network Adaptor

6. the section in the marketing plan that presents relevelent background data in the microenviroment is called. – Satuation Analysis.

7. The three main source of market opportinities are. – Overseas Markets, Entering New markets.

8. In India The ‘effective literacy rates’ are calculated from. – Population about 7 years of age.

9. Protocol which is used by Email clients to download Emails to your computer. – SMTP

10. Anna haazare was awarded the Padma Bhushan in recognition for. – Transforming a barrin-dry village called Ralegan-siddhi in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district into a Medel village of self sufficincy, Eco friendly harmony.

11. Inflation is measured in India by. – Wholesale price Index Number.

12. Which part of the computer is used for calculating and comparing. – ALU.

13. Technique that is used to send more than call over a single line. – Multiplexing.

14. Gross domestic product is a measure of – A country’s domestic economic activies.

15. Which group of steal plants were established in india after Independence. – Bholai, Durgapur, Rourkela.

16. The government of India refers to the absolute poverty line in terms of – Household Consumption.

17. Which one among the following sectors in india has the highest share of employment – Agricultural & Allied Activities.

18. A person who used his or her expertise to gain access to other people’s computers to get information illegally to do damage is a – Hacker.

19. A mistake in an Algorithm that causes incorrect result is called a – Logical Error.

20. In 2000 proctor and gamble set up a 65 person, bilingual team to better latino consumers, this illustrates the company’s concern for which force in the macro environment – Damographic.

21. In india price of petroleum products has been deregulated mainly to – Reduce the burden of subsidies given to the oil companies.

22. According to the companies act, 2013 ‘Nominal Capital’ implies – the maximum amoumt of share capital of a company.

23. The main functioning of the banking system is – Accept deposits and provide credits.

24. The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processing is – Multiprocessing.

25. The pioneer of modern hindi literature – bharetandu harishchandra.

27. Two South american Countries which are members of the organisation of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) – Ecuador and venezuela

28. Country which has three capitals such as Administrative, Legislative, and Judicial- South africa.

29. The first Computer mouse was build by – Douglas Engelbart.

30. How many countries in Africa are members of OPEC – 3

31. Computer and Communication technologies, such as communication links to the internet that provide help and understanding to the end user is known as – FTP.

32. The process of carefully managing detailed information about individual customers and all touch points to maximize customer loyalty – Customer Relationship Management.

33. Which was the first electronic computer constructed at the Moore School of Engineering – ENIAC.

34. What was the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk – Installation.

35. Connection or Link to other documents or web pages that contains related information is called – Hyperlink

36. Which of the following is a programming language for creating special program like applets – JAVA

37. The peice of hardware that converts your computer’s digital signal to an Analog Signal that can travel over telephone lines called – Modem.

38. Interest payble on saving bank account is – Regulated by Control Government.

39. Bank Master software works on – DOS.

40. Which of the following is a credit card association – Master Card.

41. HTML and XML are markup languages – Are based on SGML

42. Insurance cover for bank deposites in India is provided by – DICGC

43. Specialisd programs that asserts users in locating information on the web are called – Search Engine Optimization.

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