Establishing A Career Plan: Six Tips For Successful Career Planning

At a very young age when we are not aware of what is ‘what’, we dream a lot of becoming a doctor, a cricketer, a pilot etc. But there comes a time where we need to totally figure out what is going to be our future or Establishing a Career which then seems to be a highly confusing and an arduous task and it cannot be given a random shot. So, what do we do about that? Firstly, have a goal! Then plan.

Career Planing

The Situation

Just as our forefathers preach ‘Make a plan and make it perfect’, we need to plan for our future and it begins at the stage when we choose our major in high school. That is just an initial step which may change according to the situation. And as Indians, we look out to pursue our studies in the grandeur cities of our country. There are some Top Engineering Colleges in Mumbai and in other major cities that offer students courses across all departments of engineering. Also, not to forget the other streams such as medical, law, communication, etc. which is being offered by many universities. But just because all these courses are available, one should not choose in a jiffy. Basically, India is more into the middle-class and lower-middle-class who are in a dire need of jobs after their graduation. This puts them into a situation to choose courses that help them to grab jobs immediately after graduation. But is that happening? PG (or) MS in any abroad countries is becoming a trend. Is a PG/MS is required for job assurance?

Working easy!

But the current situation is known by all. Engineering and medical UG’s are no more fancy for the jobs. Students have started to explore different streams that are available, and start-ups are the new mojo. Yet, to all, at one-point job experience plays a significant role in learning and building a career. But we are not aware of the jobs that one can look out for after graduating. The change of field after graduation is not a new thing. There are many jobs such as IPS, IAS, Banks, Railways, etc. which requires an only basic degree and an entrance exam that should be cleared. These are some of the jobs that are still in demand over the years. Every year banks are the topmost recruiters next to the IT industry. So, govt banks is a very good option. Recently SBI PO prelims were conducted and the results are yet to be announced. Other than this Railways and other govt clerk posts are offered if the exams are cleared. And govt doesn’t fire people easily. Think about it.

The Plan-

Planning is a continual process as many uncertainties might obstruct the path. Yet, have a goal and look at all the opportunities and threats around it before seizing your right moment. With so many opportunities open for jobs and higher studies, achieve your goal whatever the route may be.