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General Knowledge Questions Banking and Financial Awareness Questions General Knowledge for Competitive Exams 2018

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(1) ___________ has started sending PIN, unique code number, for debit card holders through SMS instead of sending it by post: HDFC Bank.

(2) Government has allocated around ___________ crore for the MNREGA scheme in 2014-15: RS. 33,000.

(3) _____________bank has celebrated its 8th foundation day: Bank of Maharashtra.

(4) _____________ has launched an account for minors above 10 years with the name pehla kadam pehli Udan: SBI.

(5) Asian Development bank (ADB) has revised the india’s GDP growth forecast upwords by 0.3 percent to ____________ in 2015: 6.3 percent.

(7) In collaboration with______________bank Google India has for the first time launched ‘Digital literacy’ initiative campaign called ‘Helping Get Online (HWGO)’: Axis Bank.

(8) How much assistance will be given by India to United nations to fight Ebola virus in Africa: USD 12 milion.

(9) First indian state to ratify the national judicial appointments commission (NJAC) bill 2014 is__________: Rajasthan.

(10) The G-4 foreign ministors of India, Brazil, Germany, and_____________________met in New York: Japan.

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(11) The Reserve Bank of India released_______________________report on capacity building in Banks and Non-banks: Gopalkrishna Committee.

(12) CCEA approved__________scheme for making India’s capital goods sector globally competitive: Rs. 930 crore.

(13) CM of Assam Tarun Gagoi launched a fund, which is focused on first generation entrepreneours,___________is the name of fund: Angle Funds.

(14) __________has been appointed as Managing Director (MD) and chief Executive Officer (CEO) of kerala based south Indian Bank Ltd: V.G. Mathew.

(15) The Government order currently provides that ths pension under the EPS-95 scheme, run by the EPFO, will be implemented from september 1, 2014 to___________________: March 31, 2015.

(16) ___________rating agency has recently released a report titled Indian bank could need 26-37 billian US dollar in External Capital for Basel III Compliance: Moody’s

(17) Sumitomo Group of Japan acquired the car lease division of carzonrent India for_______________amount: Rs. 200 crore.

(18) Under the Universal Health Assurance Mission___________AYUSH drugs will be made available to all citizens at government hospitals and health centers across the country: 30.

(19) The Indian Olympic association has been fined with____________________for withdrawing teams from the Asian Games at the last stage: Rs 4,500-crore.

(20) ONGC announced that it will contribute____________for the beautifications and cleanliness of the Taj Mahal: Rs. 20.75 crore.

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(21) The Prime Minister said “FDI” should be understood as_______________________along with “Foreign Direct Investment”: First Develop India.

(22) _________________________bank statred ‘Smart Star’ account: ICICI Bank

(23) ___________-has launched ‘Swachchha Smarak, Swachchha Bharat’ compaign to clean up memorials and heritage places: ONGC.

(24) By___________year Goods and service tax (GST) will be implemented in India: 2016.

(25) ____________fund will be given to urban poor to form self-help groups under the urban scheme of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Yojana: 10,000 Rs. each group.

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